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Why Choose Us?

Location & Project Diversification

Our well-diversified portfolio of premium asset types spread across prime & optimal locations ensures higher risk adjusted returns on investment.

Legal Due-diligence & Risk profiling

We follow the inhouse process to eliminate every possible asset-related risk with 360-degree legal due diligence and stringent selection standards.

Ease of Investing

Digitalized investment process to make investing simpler, easier, and more convenient for everyone.

Transparent & Secure

Our investment process is built on trust and transparency. With our clients, we share asset related documents, periodic reporting of cash flow and audit reports, Expense reports .

Regular Income with Capital Appreciation

The innovative data-driven investment financial modelling approach helps generate a regular income and good capital appreciation for our investors.

Audit and Process Oriented

We conduct up-to-date audits that provide you fair and correct insight into your investment. Our process-oriented approach helps us deliver reliability, better financial performance and improved client satisfaction

Easy Exit Process

Three way exit options for clients

  • Facilitate transfer of units by the investor
  • Online platform for client exits
  • Exit upon 75% of share holders acceptance
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What We Do

WENSCAP curates Real Estate opportunities with the help of their in-house process called “CLEAR”

  • Curation with 75-point check list
  • Legal verification
  • Enabled with technology and research
  • Ascertain the best in class returns with the help of financial modelling
  • Risk Mitigation

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