The Capital

Commercial Office space in the prime location of Sarjapur, Bangalore.

Project Highlights

  • Entry Price ₹12500 Per Sqft
  • Minimum Investment of ₹ 25 Lakhs and Multiples of 5 Lakh
  • Monthly Rental Income of ₹85 Per Sqft
  • Tax Optimized LLP Structure
  • Annual Management fees of 1%
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Minimum investment for the current offering starts with 25 lakhs for 200 Sqft of purchase and increment of 50 Sqft. The maximum one can purchase is based on the inventory available in the project.

Any Indian citizen or an NRI can invest with us. Investments from institutions are also accepted. Before proceeding with your investment, it is imperative that all standard regulations are followed. Please write to Wenscap at for any related queries.

Note for NRI investors: NRI investors can only invest through an NRO or NRE Account or from a normal savings bank account in India, however, your interest distributions and sale proceeds will be credited to your NRO account from where you can transfer it to your NRE account. Please speak to your banker/financial advisor for a more detailed understanding of your specific requirements.

Once your account is KYC verified, you can invest among the available opportunities listed on our platform. You can transfer the initial token advance 1 % of your investment amount to the SPV bank Account.
You will be required to transfer the remaining amount into the SPV account within 5 working days, upon Wenscap team intimates you on fund closure.
Please contact your dedicated WENSCAP investment manager for further details.

The initial token amount of 1% will be adjusted against the total outstanding amount to be paid by all clients who gets allotment. In case clients don’t get units allocated due to oversubscription, the token amount would be refunded within 30 days from the date of fund closure.
In the event of client’s cancellation post allotment, the token amount is non-refundable.

The rentals on your investment is transferred to your bank account within the 15th working day of every month subject to the receipt of rents from that particular asset.

The returns on your portfolio are calculated based on the internal rate of return (IRR) method.

Yes, for the current investment opportunity there is an initial of 24 -months from the fund closure date. You are free to sell your holdings thereafter.

Generally, a commercial real estate asset will require over 5-7 years to have good appreciation based on various parameters. While an early exit is possible through our liquidity options, this could adversely affect the total return on your investment.
Investors can choose to sell investments (after an initial 24-month lock-in period) through multiple exit options.

Once the initial 24-month lock-in period is complete, you can exit your investment in four different ways.

Asset Sale: If a lucrative opportunity for selling/disposing the asset is available, Wenscap as the asset manager shall take necessary steps to evaluate the same and present to the investors an online poll during the AGM to decide if the asset is to be liquidated or held. If at least 75% of the shareholders vote to sell, we will begin the process of liquidation. All related reports and documents to assist the investors in making their decision shall be provided by Wenscap. Once the asset is sold, the gains (post any taxes and fees) made shall be distributed amongst shareholders and remitted to your respective registered bank accounts. If shareholders vote to hold, the investment will continue as is, until the next poll where the process will be repeated.
Private Sale: You may sell your fraction/holding to anyone you may know, such as friends or family. You will be required to execute the necessary transfer documents for the same.
Resale Market: Using online dashboard, you can list your fraction/holding on Wenscap resale market. You will be required to execute the necessary transfer documents for the same. Once a new investor has acquired your fraction, you will be credited your gains (post any taxes and fees) on your registered bank account.

Wenscap charges an annual management fee upto 1% of the property value. The fee is a monthly charge on the gross rent and is designed to cover the management of the SPV and its assets.

Copies of the following documents will be required as part of the KYC process -

• PAN Card
• Address Proof (Aadhar/Driver's License/Passport).
• Bank Account number or a cancelled cheque leaf with the name printed.

Wenscap does not guarantee any returns on the assets listed on our platform. The current investment opportunity “The Capital “is expected to generate an average rental yield of approximately 10.72% and an overall targeted returns to be within 16% to 18% IRR over varied periods.

Wenscap, being your Asset Manager, will take care of all aspects regarding the asset.

You will become a partner in the SPV which is a Limited Liability Partnership firm. You will enjoy rights proportionate to your investment amount.

No, there will be no management fee charged to investors for as long as the property is not tenanted.

You can view the performance of your investment through our online dashboard. WENSCAP will conduct an asset valuation on the property annually and will be updated accordingly

We believe in 100% transparency in reporting. All property related documents, rental agreements, tenancy details, title report, due diligence report, etc. will be always available through our dashboard. Monthly financial statements of rents are also made available through the dashboard.

If there is no tenant the CAM and property-tax charges will be borne by the SPV as per actual. This amount will first be taken from the contingency reserve subject to the availability of funds.

The physical copy of LLP agreement would be shared with all investors within 60 days of fund closure.

The rent receipts would be updated on the portal.

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